A question I know many want to ask when I say I teach baby yoga. Let me begin with what it is not. It is not a post natal yoga where you use your baby as weight for toning your muscles. It is actually a class focused on your baby.

Based on Birthlight baby yoga principles. It is a class where the babies do yoga (set of practices to enhance playful interaction and communication between parent and baby and to promote their healthy development). It doesn’t matter if you have practiced yoga before. It doesn’t matter if yoga is not your thing. Wanting to have fun with your baby is the only pre requisite.

A typical baby yoga hour looks like this: we begin with a baby massage, Hip movements, Chest openers that are combined with songs, parents learn different holds that help babies relax and also helps reduce the strain on the parents knees, shoulders and spine. We play and discover music instruments, play games that help the baby’s development. For the parent there are also yoga exercises that help strengthen spine, shoulders, knees, pelvic floor & most importantly we end with a long relaxation for the parent.

The focus of the class is to encourage bonding between parent and baby & help babies develop through play and movement.