Baby yoga: A class that focuses on the baby. An hour of bonding, singing, stretching, rolling and laughing. Mammas also continue strengthening and toning their bodies while they learn to relax with their baby.

*Classes are divided for pre crawlers and crawlers. Best to start once baby is 3 months old

Daddy’s day out: quality time for papa and baby. Time to let mamma relax. Baby yoga helps fathers playfully strengthen their bond with their baby as they enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Saturdays: 10.30-11.30 @ Spree hebammen, Selschower Str 22, 12049 Berlin


Trial class             €10

Drop in class       €12 

5-card                    €55

10-card                  €100

Baby massage: Baby massage is a beautiful practice that stems from Ayurveda. In India babies are massaged everyday. For generations mothers have been massaging babies and the art is taught from mother to daughter or most times there are special baby massage ladies who come home and massage the baby.

It has been proven that Baby massage helps premature babies with weight gain (I can personally vouch for that as my son was born a month early and the doctors  were amazed with his growth)

In short babies that are massaged everyday or often sleep better, fuss lesser, feel protected and connected to their care givers.

I strongly believe that massage is an excellent way to bond and nourish your baby with your touch. It must be done in a comfortable atmosphere.  I have given individual baby massage lessons to parents and now have a small group course on Mondays at 12.30 at the Spree Hebammen, Selchower Str. 22, 12049 Berlin.

Cost : 55€ for 5 classes