Yoga & Me

Yoga Teacher

Migrant Mama

Nature, neighbours,

food, singing &

dancing are

important to me.

Born in Bombay, I moved to Berlin April 2013.

A mother to two beautiful children and a curious cat.

The birth of my son changed my life completely. It inspired me to quit my job as a creative director in an advertising agency and finally dive deeper into the path of yoga.

Yoga is and has always been an integral part of my life. Not because I come from India but because it is where I found solace. It has taught me to look at life in a more wholistic way.

Yoga is beyond asanas and pranayamas. It is a way of life and I intend to walk this path with all those who wish to discover it. Which is why I have course for babies, children, adults, women during pregnancy, post natal, parents and families.

My own journey in the path of yoga and meditation started in the late 90’s with teachers from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai. I practiced & studied in different yoga schools ( The Yoga Institute, Sivananda Ashram, Iyengar Yoga, Viniyoga school, Kundalini Yoga, Svastha Yoga Therapy, Birthlight baby yoga, Childrens Yoga, Birthlover). 

Learnt Reiki (level 1),  Art of Living, Buddhist chanting meditation. And all of it contributes to who I am and what I teach today.

Through my classes I wish to create a space where individuals connect to their body, breath and being and learn to bring their insights and practice beyond their mat, into everyday life, where it really matters.  Be creative, mindful, healthy & happy.

I teach

Kundalini & Viniyoga

My yoga classes for adults may it be kundalini or vini/hatha yoga are open to all individuals who wish to practice in a conscious & loving way. I believe the world is fast enough and yoga is time to slow down and enjoy the stillness.

Indian Baby Massage & Birthlight Baby Yoga

Baby massage is deeply routed in Indian culture and originated from Ayurveda. It is a beautiful way to bond with your new born and is now even scientifically proven to help babies sleep and eat better and has positive influences on the baby’s development.

Birthlight Baby yoga is for babies above 12 weeks. An hour of bonding, exploring the body through movement combined with singing. Parents learn how they can carry their baby while taking care of their own body, holds to calm your baby. Relaxation and fun with baby.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Preparing the body, mind and soul for birth.

The post natal class focuses on helping mothers connect with their body again and build strength and care for self again.

As a mother of two i cherish the sharing and learning that takes place in the class deeply.

Creative Yoga for Kids

Children explore the magic of Asanas & Pranayamas in a creative fun filled class. Movement, stillness, chaos, improvisation everything has a power when we know how to use it.

My Experience

Yoga Teacher

Since 2009 – My journey in the path or Yoga, meditation & spirituality started in the late 90’s. I did my first official teachers training in 2008 and have been learning and teaching ever since.

Trainings: Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Pregnancy & Post natal yoga (kundalini) (currently also trainings as a Birthlover), Birthlight Baby yoga. Kinder yoga. Svastha yoga therapy training (ongoing). Worked a year in Yoga schule, Charlottenburg (Viniyoga)

Creative Director/ Copywriter

2000-2013 Worked in Mumbai & Bahrain in the creative department of world renowned advertising agencies. Had the pleasure of building great brands. Write series for Disney kids & other television channels in Mumbai.

Singing with Heart Chor


Creating Upcycling and Kiez projects & cooking, @Sari-Sari

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