Born in Bombay, I moved to Berlin April 2013.

A mother of two (three with the cat), ex Creative Director, yoga teacher with special training in yoga therapy, Kundalini Yoga & Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga (Kundalini), baby & children’s yoga and baby massage. I enjoy cooking, Dancing and singing and am happy to incorporate everything I love in some form or the other in my classes.

Yoga is and has always been an integral part of my life. Not because I come from India but because it is where I found solace. It has taught me to look at life in a more wholistic way.

My journey in the path of yoga started in the late 90’s with teachers from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai. My quest for a better understanding took me through different yoga schools ( The Yoga Institute, Sivananda School, Iyengar Yoga, Kundalini yoga)

I have learnt Reiki (level 1) , visited Art of Living workshops and chanted with a buddhist group.

All these teaching combined with my life experiences have shaped and continue shaping who I am as a person and as a teacher. Since 2016 I have been teaching and sharing my understanding with others.

I invite adults who wish to connect to their true self and practice conscious body movement to my classes.

Yoga has guided me as a mother (during pregnancy, post natal, with my baby in every stage as they grow) and I wish to share this experience with others.

Through my classes I wish to create a space where individuals connect to their body, breath and being and learn to bring their insights and practice beyond their mat, into everyday life, where it really matters.  Be creative, mindful, healthy & happy.


What to expect when you join my classes:

I teach Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Mama yoga, Children’s yoga, Baby yoga & baby massage.

Mindful Yoga (Yoga for All adults):

Get a deeper understanding of the union between your body, breath and mind through yoga. Learn to practice consciously for yourself in a group class that focuses on individual needs. Develop a healthy body and mind through Asana, Pranayama & Meditation.


Kundalini Yoga: The yoga of awareness. Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan uses Kriyas, Mudras, Mantras, meditations and pranayamas to help you unite with the infinite and become more aware of your energy.

Pregnancy yoga:

A great way to prepare your body and mind for birth and motherhood.


Yoga for parents with baby: A yoga class for parents with baby.

Indian baby massage: A beautiful way to bond with your baby and gift it the magic of touch. Baby massage is scientifically proven to improve digestion and help babies sleep better.

Baby Yoga : (based on Birthlight baby yoga )

Parents learn to bond with their babies and celebrate each other. They learn different techniques to calm their babies, carry their babies without excess pressure on their back or shoulders. Babies get to enjoy the benefits of movement with fun songs. Movements that are beneficial for growth mentally, physically and emotionally.


If you would like to join my class call me on 0179-6466154 or write to me at yogaashramberlin@gmail.com

Trainings: Sivananda Teacher Training (2009), Kundalini Yoga teacher training (2016), Kundalini Yoga ( pre & post natal)

Advanced Trainings / Weiterbildungen:

Schwangerenyoga (pregnancy),

Kinderyoga (children’s yoga)

Birthlight Baby yoga.

Svastha Yoga Therapy (since 2016)