Yoga takes you to the present moment,

the only place where life exists.


Yoga im Neukölln & Online

Yoga für dich. Für Schwangeren. Nach der Geburt. Indische Babymassage. Baby yoga.

Kundalini Yoga. Hatha Yoga. Viniyoga. Yoga Therapy. Online Yoga.

Through my classes I wish to create a safe haven where you can discover a conscious & healing practice that helps you connect with your body and your true self. Together we learn to take yoga beyond the mat and into life where it really matters.

Practice at home

Online Yoga | Yoga Therapy

Book an individual consultancy if you are unable to join a class due to lack of time or injury.

Yoga for you

Morning Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Pregnancy yoga, Post-Natal, Babymassage, Baby Yoga.

YogaTherapy/ Individual consultations

60 € for 60 Minutes

Babymassage & Baby Yoga Course

5 weeks – 60€

Online course

Kundalini yoga | Pregnancy & Post Natal Yoga

10 week –120€ | 5 weeks- 65€

Pregnancy yoga Post-Natal Morning Yoga

10-week course-120 € | 5 weeks- 65€ | Drop-ins-15 €

Yoga Ashram Berlin

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